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Mandatory Direct Deposit Policy

UAB employees and trainees are required to participate in payroll direct deposit. An employee's pay is deposited directly into his or her bank account on each pay day.
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Mandatory Direct Deposit Policy


As a condition of employment at UAB, appointed employees and trainees are required to participate in payroll direct deposit. This means that your pay will be deposited directly into your account at a participating banking institution each payday. If you do not provide information about an established bank account, UAB will establish a debit account at an approved banking institution for the purpose of direct deposit.

With each paycheck or direct deposit, you will receive a statement showing gross pay, itemized deductions and net pay. If you are nonexempt, the statement will also show the number of hours for which you are being paid, including sick time, vacation, and holiday hours. Vacation, sick time, and personal holiday to-date accruals also appear on each pay statement for nonexempt employees. All direct deposit statements are mailed to the employee's home address of record via United States Postal Service. Enrollment forms are available via Employee Self Service: Managing DIrect Deposit Account. Click here
for instructions.

Payments that cannot be deposited are mailed to the address of record. Lost or stolen checks should be reported immediately to the Payroll Services Department. If you suspect theft on UAB premises, the UAB Police should also be notified.