UAB Policies and Procedures Library

The UAB Policies and Procedures Library is a repository of all current university-wide policies and associated procedures. Find the information you need by browsing the collection using the title index, keyword index, or unit index. You may also locate documents by using the advanced search engine for full text search.

 Quick Find by Group

  • Policies and procedures affecting UAB students and faculty, including Faculty Handbook policies, benefits, opportunities, requirements and other student and faculty-related issues.
  • Administration
    Policies that are of a general administrative or operational nature.
  • UAB Business Services
    Policies related to non-education and general business services provided for the university.
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines related to University accounting, procurement, purchasing, and other financial matters. See also UAB Financial Affairs Website for additional information, procedures and guidelines.
  • Policies detailing benefits, opportunities, and other issues that affect University employees.
  • Information Technology
    Policies related to UAB’s data systems, networks, the University Web and various technical regulations.
  • Research
    Policies, procedures, and guidelines related to UAB research, research environments, and corresponding requirements and regulations.

 Recently Updated Items

  • This policy governs the use or creation of digital mass communications or digital content in pursuit of official UAB business or in association with the UAB brand.
  • This policy outlines the process of assigning employment categories by Human Resources. Also included in the document are each category's associated benefits.
  • Some sponsors restrict the total number of applications submitted per institution, school, and/or discipline. When the sponsor's program guidelines stipulate a limit, an internal review process may be necessary to determine the applicant(s) or proposal(s) to represent UAB.
  • This policy describes UAB and UAB Medicine's commitment to following approved hiring procedures and outlines the responsibilities Human Resources regarding these procedures.
  • This policy describes accepted methods of recruiting for vacant positions.
  • This policy describes the various types of pre-employment tests that may be given upon application for employment.
  • This policy details the requirements and specifications for promotions within a department and internal transfers.
  • This policy reviews the salary determination policy for UAB and UAB Medicine.
  • This policy gives an overview of New Employee Orientation.
  • This policy identifies UAB's disciplinary process for employees. The steps of discipline (oral and written warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal) are listed and described in detail.
  • This policy describes accrual reports for vacation, sick time and holidays which are made availble to departments each pay period.
  • This standard defines password/passphrase requirements for users, servers, and applications at UAB that use BlazerIDs.
  • This procedure defines plans for UAB Hospital employees in case of severe weather which may include work status of "standby" or "24 hour duty".
  • This policy details the processing of ACT documents by HR Records Administration.
  • This policy describes regulations for UAB-related international travel. Included in this document is information on approval requirements and travel reimbursements.
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