Faculty Handbook-4.1 Holidays

This section of the Faculty Handbook discusses the eight official holidays recognized by UAB and the additional three personal holidays available to UAB employees.
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Faculty Handbook

4.1 Holidays

UAB recognizes eleven paid holidays each year: 8 designated and 3 “personal holidays” for full time regular faculty with twelve-month faculty appointments. Full time regular nine-month faculty appointents each year receive official designated holidays, 6 "personal holidays", and paid time off days linked to periods when classes are not in session (fall break, spring break, and time between fall and spring semesters), and other department obligations are satisfied. For additional information, including holiday time for part time employees, refer to Benefits and/or HR Policies and Procedures.

Personal holidays must be taken between July 1 and June 30 each year, and must be taken prior to termination. If these days are not taken during the prescribed period, then they will be forfeited. Faculty members are not required to complete their initial six months of employment before being allowed to take personal holidays.